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Pray for Phoenix Assembly will grow stronger


Pray for Thomas for unspoken physical problems

  Pray for our Missionaries in the fields around the world.

Pray for Trevor and family, wife Leo has back pain, daughter Alyson's vision to improve.


Pray for Judy P. & her team serving in East Asia--outreach to students to grow in their faith.


Pray for Adam Thropay for health improvement from stroke and improvement for his ability to speak.


Pray for Rhoda B. fell & broke her hip 10/19, had surgery 10/20, currently in an assisted living facility, pray for encouragement, & strength.


Pray for Eduardo for continued treatment for Parkinson's disease; especially for speech improvement & pray for strength for his wife Nellie.


Pray for Clairemont Senior home for more residents.


Pray for Rachel M for complete healing of her small wound on her right leg.


Pray for Don A-  healing from his CA .

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Pray for Duncan  - un-spoken request. Pray for Arah, Cole & Mia.


Pray for Shammi & Monika - unspoken request.


Pray for Leila's mother who had a small stroke. She is now only on Speech Therapy 1- 2 x per week.


Pray for Gloria S. -started trial meds 06/06/18 good response. Her lab results 3/13/19 & EKG are ok, CT result is non-specific


        & stable per Oncologist. She is on her 11th cycle of her trial meds. Praise Him!

  Pray for Lito's salvation, Gloria's husband.

Pray for Cornelius D. for his Spiritual condition & for a permanent full time job.


Pray for Marion D.- had removal of tumor in the brain. Praise the Lord for continued healing.


Pray for Sanjita, same no change, suffering from ALS, friend of Shammi and Monika.


Pray for Andy - Dave D.'s partner at work that he will find the Lord.


Pray for Elmo, Emily's brother who is doing better.


Pray for Carlos M. for him and his wife's general health.

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Pray for Seraphim who is going back to school for her Masterís Degree. She applied in UCSD here in SD.


Pray for Martha, Carlos' daughter who is unable to get any sleep due to continued ringing in her ear.

  Pray for  Herb G. had a heart procedure done few weeks ago, praise the Lord MD did not find anything wrong.
  Pray for George & Donna B serving in a special area over 36 years.

Pray for Bobby's uncle Jim who is suffering from a special form of Glaucoma, causing pressure in the eye, hemorrhaging


        and pain. He is getting shots in the eye and eye drops from now on  for recovery..

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